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Bachata Paradise is a Holiday/Festival Brand of Latin Tours Limited, that takes place in a Town called Las Terrenas on the Samana Peninsula in The Dominican Republic on a yearly basis in the month of May for 10/11 days.

The aim of Bachata Paradise is to promote authentic Bachata, music and culture in an authentic environment.  Participants from all over the World enjoy this idyllic Beach town in all its glory.  From daily workshops with local and international instructors, to beach parties, excursions, live concerts, local clubs and not forgetting the car wash!!!


Workshops are in local dance schools and bars or on the beach.  Evening meals are in local restaurants.  Then its partying in all the Clubs in town!!! J

A Bit about Las Terrenas

Once a rustic fishing village, Las Terrenas today is a cosmopolitan town and seems as much French and Italian as Dominican.  There was something so cool about the Las Terrenas vibe that I haven’t seen in many other places. A European community, mostly French and Italian from what is observed, effortlessly blended in to the local island culture which predated it.  This perfectly situated and rustic town along with its cool vibe lends itself perfectly to Bachata Paradise

What is a Dominican Car wash?

You’ll find little mention of the Car wash scene in guidebooks: it’s very much a local rather than a tourist experience. Posters usually feature a variation of shiny cars, women in bikinis and lots of soap suds and sunshine. The reality is usually a few wiry men washing the cars – but plenty of men and women dressed to the nines for a night out. Only the Dominicans could take an experience so banal as getting the dust of your Car and turn it into a swirl of pleasure. A night at the car wash is cheap and fun, full of local color and splendor. You’ll see very few other tourists, but you won’t feel out of place.

When we first heard of a Car wash we wondered what all the fuss was about and were very apprehensive to start, but we went with it and the whole group arrived on a mixture of Moto Conchos (local taxis – Mopeds and Motorbikes of various ages and road worthiness) and SUV’s, all organized by our good friend Bolivar.  When we arrived it was very surreal.  It was actually a Carwash.  Men young and old were there scrubbing and rinsing everything from Cars to pickup trucks and lorry’s.  On the right hand side of the “Car wash” were recently cleaned motorbikes and scooters all parked in rows shining in the evening sun.  The building that adjoined the “Car wash” was a thatched roof on Stilts with a Bar in the corner, a stage with a live local band playing Bachata and Merengue.  On the opposite side to the Bar was a few pool tables with local men shooting a bit of pool while the remaining local Dominicans were either drinking Brugal Rum or El Presidiente beer whilst absorbing the atmosphere or dancing to the live band.  This is a must experience and is Dominican Culture at its best:


One of the highlights of Bachata Paradise 2017 is the incorporation of our very own Concert.  For 2017 we have managed to secure the famous, first generation Bachata artist Joe Veras.

Moving into the evening after a nice meal right on the beach we will be starting the night off with Joe Veras who will be playing a few sets of his famous hits, such as: Intentalo tu, Atrevete and El Hombre De Tu Vida.  So expect to be rubbing shoulders with a lot of Dominicans singing along at the top of their voices.


Bachata Paradise is a festival like you have never experienced before and breaks the stereotype of hotel based festivals you get so often around the rest of the World.  If you want a pure cultural experience then Bachata Paradise is for you !

The Future

Watch out for 2018.  We are opening branches in Canada, the USA and Belgium to spread the love that is Bachata Paradise.  This means we will have flight based packages not only from the UK but Worldwide, making it easier for you to fuel your passion !


See you in Paradise